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Why You Need Freeshield - Specific health risks from cell phone radiation

How It Works - Explanation of the FreeShield technology

How To Use Freeshield - How to attach Freeshield to your phone and other devices

How To Test It - Preform your own double-blind study with Freeshield

Why Is Freeshield Free? - Why we are giving this technology away with no strings attached

Pay It Forward - How you can share this technology with others

Cell Phone Radiation (SAR) Rating Chart - Radiation levels for many leading cell phone brands

Evolution of Cell phones - How the cell phone has evolved over time

Symptoms of Cell phone exposure - Known symptoms of exposure from EMFs

Infrared Testing - Scientific proof that Freeshield works

About Us - Founder of Freeshield

Testimonials - See what people have to say about Freeshield

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