“Without FreeShield my cell phone would always get hot, plus I could feel the heat in my head. Now that I have put the FreeShield on my phone, I not longer feel the heat or negative energy.” - Rochelle Coatney, Los Angeles, California

Here you will find many other FreeShield sizes you can use however you like.

Common uses are for wallpaper for cell phone screens and computer monitors.
Many people also like printing out larger sizes to use around the house, at work or in the car.

Micro FreeShield

80x80 pixel FreeShield


Min FreeShield

128x128 pixel FreeShield


Medium FreeShield

240x240 pixel FreeShield


Big FreeShield

300x300 pixel FreeShield


600x600 pixel FreeShield


1024x1024 pixel FreeShield