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How to Use FreeShield

FreeShield is a scientifically validated, free community health and disease prevention initiative brought to you by Craig Brockie. The innovative shielding technology is free to distribute, simple to use, and can be easily shared with others.

FreeShield uses advanced geometry to create natural frequencies that help neutralize harmful radiation.
If you suspect you or anyone you know is vulnerable to cell phone radiation exposure, assess your current risks and symptoms, and please share the benefits of FreeShield with others.

To use FreeShield, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Sign up to get the latest FreeShield version available

STEP 2: Open and print out FreeShield

STEP 3: Cut and fold FreeShield

STEP 4: Simply install FreeShield on your cell phone

STEP 1: Sign up to get the latest FreeShield version available

To ensure you get the best free cell phone radiation protection available, be sure you have the latest version of FreeShield. We are continually providing updates and improvements to the FreeShield as new information comes to light.

At the top of each FreeShield page, we list the date the version was released. If the date on the version you have is more than a few months old, there is a good chance an update is available.

Also, to help you make the best use of FreeShield, we will send you a total of seven email messages over the next four weeks. These email messages are designed to further educate you about cell phone radiation and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. (You can easily unsubscribe at any time if you choose.)

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STEP 2: Open and print out FreeShield

Once you've completed Step 1 above, you will receive a message from FreeShield into your email inbox. This email will have the FreeShield technology attached as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.

  1. Double click the attachment to open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here to download and install this useful program for FREE.
  2. Print out the FreeShield file using your printers "Best" print quality setting.
    On a PC, you do this by clicking the following icons at the top of your screen:
    "File," then "Print," then "Properties."
    From the "Print Properties" menus, select "Best" and then click "OK."
    Now click "OK" to start printing your FreeShield

STEP 3: Cut and fold FreeShield.

Once all three pages of the FreeShield file have completed printing, you're ready to prepare your FreeShield for installation.

  1. On the bottom of page one, you'll see a horizontal strip of four FreeShields. Carefully cut out this strip, so that it looks like this:
    freeshield stickers

    If you'd prefer to leave page one intact to show to your friends and family, cut a horizontal strip from page 3, which is the page with a full sheet of FreeShield strips.
  2. Fold your horizontal FreeShield strip with printed sides facing out, to the dimensions of a single FreeShield, which will make it four layers thick. An easy way to do this is to fold the strip in half, and in half a second time.

    The reason we use several layers of FreeShield instead of just one is because this technology is more effective and provides enhanced protection the more of it you use.

STEP 4: Install FreeShield on your device

After completing Steps 1-3 you now have a FreeShield that is four layers thick and has the printed sides visible from both sides.

  1. Next, remove the battery cover from your cell phone and place FreeShield on top of your battery. FreeShield has been designed to fit with most cell phones. However, if you happen to have a very small battery compartment on your phone and FreeShield is larger than the size of your battery cover, trim FreeShield to fit with scissors.

    For best results, leave the entire FreeShield pattern intact and only trim it further if necessary. If you have a case or "skin" for your cell phone, you can also place FreeShield in behind there to keep you protected.

  2. If you've got an iPhone or similar smartphone, which doesn't have a battery compartment, or want to add more FreeShield technology to your phone for enhanced protection, refer to the next section below.
  3. Carefully replace the battery cover and enjoy your newly shielded device.
  4. If you don't yet understand how the technology works, click here.
  5. Click here to try these cool tests to put your skepticism to rest and share this FREE technology with your friends!


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MORE WAYS TO USE FREESHIELD: iPhone and Other Applications

If you own an iPhone, you've realized by now that the standard FreeShield application mentioned above isn't going to work for you since your battery comparment is inaccessible. Or, you might happen to be sensitive to EMFs or simply want to err on the side of caution in order to increase your protection. Either way, below are three solutions to consider:

1. Pick up a case or "skin" for your phone and tuck several folded strips of FreeShield in between it and your phone. If you've ever dropped your cell phone on a hard surface and damaged it, you'll appreciate the shock absorbing and scratch resistant values of having a skin or case.

2. FreeShield is far from the only cell phone radiation shielding solution, although it is the only FREE one. Not all phones are the same and some people are more sensitive than others. If you don’t currently suffer obvious symptoms from cell phone use, then one or two strips (offering four to eight layers) of FreeShield technology may be all you need.

People who are more sensitive to radiation, may require several more strips of FreeShield or may need to also use a another shielding technology along with their FreeShield. In this regard, you have many options available.

SAR Shield makes an excellent cell phone protection product that I’ve used for years. Using more FreeShield technology may also prove helpful to you. For this purpose, entire line of FreeShield apparel, mugs, coasters, and mouse pads are available to assist you in neutralizing electromagnetic raditaion.

Thanks again for approaching FreeShield with an open mind and sharing this technology with others.

Flourish and prosper,
Craig Brockie
Founder of FreeShield.com and CraigBrockie.com
Author of "Take Control of Your Health: How Quickly, Saftely and Affordably Master the Art of Wellness. Click here for a free book extract and click here to purchase from Amazon.

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Using FreeShield for the "wallpaper" on your cell phone and computer screens is another way to help protect yourself. Click here to download FreeShield wallpapers at no charge.


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