“I've tested FreeShield with muscle testing … and it positively works!” - Joy Pitts, Mililani , Hawaii

How to Test FreeShield

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More Information About Testing

If you haven't read how FreeShield technology works yet, please do so now as it's really quite fascinating how something so simple can have such an amazing effect.

However, even after you have a basic idea of how the technology works, until you try the test demonstrated in the above video for yourself, you may remain in disbelief. We are confident that once you've tried the test, your skepticism will change to astonishment. You be the judge!

Perform Your Own Double-Blind Study with FreeShield:

"Double-blind" is a scientific buzz word that the pharmaceutical industry and the "independent" scientists they employ love to use to debunk alternative technologies. Here's a way for you to do your own double-blind study to further substantiate FreeShield actually works.

Use two identical cell phones, add FreeShield to one phone and none to the other. Place each cell phone in an unmarked, sealed envelope. Shuffle the envelopes and repeat the test demonstrated in the video above with both envelopes. Open the envelopes. Congratulations, you've just substantiated FreeShield technology with a double-blind study!

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SAR (Standard Absorption Rate) Testing

Standard Absorption Rate (SAR) is the method the cellular phone industry uses to measure how dangerous a cell phone's radiation is. If you're curious to see how your cell phone measures up, see our SAR rating charts.

We'd love to have SAR testing completed with FreeShield and have contacted several laboratories that provide this service. To date we've been unable to have SAR testing arranged economically. If you have access to or connections relating to this expensive testing equipment, please contact us.

Infrared Testing

SAR testing only measures the effects of radio waves. Since cell phones also emit microwaves, we feel infrared testing may be a more accurate testing method. Our infrared test results are difficult to deny. See how FreeShield stands up in infrared tests and Stop "cooking" your brain.

freeshield infrared

Other Testing Technologies

Electromagnetic Field Meters:

As we’ve noted, cell phones are just one of many sources of electromagnetic field pollution. An electromagnetic field meter is a very inexpensive and is an excellent way to map out "hot spots" in your home or work place so you know where to either avoid or add additional radiation-neutralizing technologies.

Unfortunately, electromagnetic meters cannot determine the effectiveness of most cell phone radiation shielding devices as these devices are specifically designed to NOT block or eliminate electronic signals - otherwise, your cell phone wouldn't work. Instead, cell phone radiation shielding devices generally work by reducing the harmful effects of the radiation on the body. You can see the results of this clearly in our infrared tests. Nonetheless, electromagnetic field testers are an interesting tool. The model I own is only $25 from Amazon.

We Welcome Your Help:

Electromagnetic fields are outside our narrow visible spectrum and in a world where many feel that "seeing is believing," this presents a big challenge for providing undeniable proof that technologies like FreeShield work.

Do you have a good idea or access to other diagnostic technologies you can use to further test FreeShield? If so, please contact us to let us know.

Thanks again for approaching FreeShield with an open mind and sharing this technology with others.

Flourish and prosper,
Craig Brockie
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