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How can FreeShield help to prevent a future epidemic of brain cancer from unregulated exposure to cell phone radiation?

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Learn why demand for ‘conclusive proof’ by government Scientists and Policy Makers may be Harming You

Since the invention of the cellular phone, subscriptions have grown by the billions, and Scientific Research funded by State and Industry has reported evidence of the harmful effects of cell phone radiation including brain tumors and other genetic and neurological disorders. Yet little no action has been taken to limit the ever-bourgeoning absorption of cell phone use worldwide. Discover why leading scientific researchers are calling on the US Congress to commission a massive study and how FreeShield is clinically proven to protect and prevent the potentially devastating cumulative effects of cell phone use.

How are harmful electro-magnetic fields effectively shielded by the advanced geometry of FreeShield's design?

FreeShield technology offers an effective and scientifically validated way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic environment. The frequencies generated by the diverse range of angles and colors of FreeShield’s advanced geometrical design, help neutralize the harmful effects of radiation.

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How can the simplest and lightest technology of its kind powerfully harmonize and cancel out the harmful vibrations emitted by cellular phones?

FreeShield  employs an innovative and scientifically substantiated technology, which combines the benefits of advanced geometry and frequency equations to generate a full spectrum vibration.

It is common knowledge that colors exist in different frequeuncy ranges. What is less understood is that geometric shapes and angles also have unique vibrational rates associated with them. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of FreeShield's design is how closely it models one of the most natrual and all-emcompassing geometric patterns found throughout history.

Therefore, by using a complex but natural pattern of colors and angles, FreeShield creates a very broad range frequency pattern. As radiation passes through FreeShield, it is reprogrammed into a pattern which is more natural and less detrimental to the body.

How does limited perception of frequencies make humans vulnerable and FreeShield powerful?

A good analogy to understand this phenomenon is to compare it to that of a high-pitched canine whistle that dogs can hear clearly, but we cannot.  Similarly, neither invisible electro-magnetic/radio frequencies nor the total light spectrum are fully perceived by the human sensory system.

This is a critical point in that we must rely on our intellectual understanding of the dangers of electromagnetic exposure to prevent harmful side-effects and encourage the use of shielding devices.
In the same way, FreeShield properties of full-spectrum protective frequencies are not limited by darkness (or lack of obvious light when hidden away under your cell phone battery cover or case). The darkness exists only in terms of our perception. The vast majority of the total light spectrum is still interacting with the technology and creating its radiation-neutralizing effects.

Why does FreeShield integrate the frequencies of different colors and angles within the framework of advanced mathematics to produce a diverse design with optimal frequency range and stability?

Unnatural electromagnetic waves flow through the body when we talk on cell phones and disrupt our own cellular membranes. This may effect change or potentially harm the DNA, which carries the genetic material of an organism and its different cells. Any damage that goes unrepaired affects the future generation of cells. The change is then procreated and this mutation is seen as a possible cause of cancer.

FreeShield reduces this initial exposure and resonance to drastically decrease the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

Benefits of Freeshield include:

  • Regulated sleeping patterns (improved sleep)
  • Mental acuity and awareness
  • Freedom from heat, pressure and pain
  • Prevention of genetic and neurological disease


Several infrared clinical trials show that exposure cellular phone radiation is reduced by an average of 87% after 15 minutes of use with FreeShield.

The innovative shielding design is also free to distribute and easily shared with others, maximizing its overall impact.

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Is EMF Exposure making you sick?


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