“We simply love the simplicity and ease of use!” - Carla Bozajeski, Martinez, California

About Us

FreeShield.com is a humanitarian project of Craig Brockie and intended to help as many people as possible protect themselves from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones and other sources.

Craig lost his health early in life, living most of his twenties with chronic pain, a severely challenged immune system and high levels of anxiety. After hitting the wall with conventional medicine, Craig began exploring alternatives.

The past decade Craig has traveled the world and invested over a million dollars researching and testing advanced health and performance enhancing technologies.

Visit CraigBrockie.com today to receive a FREE chapter of his book, Take Control of Your Health: How to Quickly, Easily and Affordably Master the Art of Wellness. This book shares all the insider secrets and short cuts you need to finally break free from your nagging health concerns.

Chapter one, titled Rinse Yourself Out explains in detail how to perform the "Internal Body Wash". You'll quickly learn how to rinse out your entire digestive tract with water - safely, effectively and from the comfort of your own home. And it's FREE!



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