“Without FreeShield my cell phone would always get hot, plus I could feel the heat in my head.
Now that I have put FreeShield on my phone, I no longer feel the heat...”

Rochelle Coatney, Los Angeles, California

Independent scientific research using infrared testing proves that FreeShield reduces the harmful effects of cell phone radiation by up to 87%

The images you see below show the tissue heating effects of a fifteen minute cell phone conversation.

infrared with and without freeshield

The image on the right shows how FreeShield technology dramatically reduces the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. It has been conclusively demonstrated that heat absorption is reduced up to 87% by using FreeShield.

“I noticed immediately that my phone no longer gets hot.”
Lynn Dellapasta, Olmsted, Ohio

Stop Cooking Your Brain!

According to Dr. David Carpenter of Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany, the radio frequency that carries the information in your cell phone is the same kind of radio-frequency that drives your microwave oven. If you're ready to stop cooking your brain, click here or the button below to get FreeShield now!


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